Invisible – Greatness & Co. Pop Rock Rap Music lyrics karaoke

Invisible – Greatness & Co. Pop Rock Rap Music

i love this new style of music it’s cool.


[Hook: Trofee]
He don’t even know you
The way I could, Let me show you
Wanna tell you ’bout these feelings inside me
Every time that you walk by me
[Hook: Polzin]
Like I’m invisible (x3)

[Verse 1: Trofee]
I can’t see my
Life without you
See maybe I can buy you all the Louis and the carats
But baby you deserve more then material possessions
Baby he can’t love you the way that I can
Can’t wipe your tears or care for you, won’t put a rock on your hand
I gaze in those pretty eyes, but you can’t even see me
You dont even know it, but baby girl you need me


[Verse 2: Trofee]
You can’t tell me that youre happy now, that your happy now
Ill give you everything all the ribbons and the crowns
Treat you like a princess girl you make my world go round
And any day now youll start to see the light
And start to recognize that your not with mr right
And start to fantasize about me up and in your life
But until then im invisible to your sight


[Verse 3: Polzin]
I’m just a guy who tries
Help you refrain from pain, and try to open your eyes
To show you more good then bad, give you what you should have
Make you feel great because I hate to see you sad
But you’re fighting against me, It doesn’t make sense
You could have it all, why settle for less
But you don’t hear a word I say, won’t even look my way
Now it’s game over, I don’t wanna play

[Bridge: Trofee]
You can’t honestly tell me you’re happy with him
I can make you happy, All you gotta do is let me in



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