K-POP M’Mix nonstop Korean Dance Club Script Frenzy Writers Typing Tunes Playlist Jan 24, 2012 the idea girl

K-POP M’Mix nonstop Korean Dance Club Script Frenzy Writers Typing Tunes Playlist Jan 24, 2012 the idea girl

the idea girl says

i’ve been blogging 10 minutes of korean pop rock dance videos on all my music blogs for script frenzy playlist.

I’ll probably put a few on here just to update this blog every now and then.

most of the playlists started jan 20, 2012

on the idea girl says, idea girl consulting, the calamity girl and linda randall wordpress blogs

i’ll be doing some blogging during the spring up till april 2012 then i take a break and write a screen play during their script frenzy challenge.

it’s the same idea as nanowrimo (nov 2012) only it’s less work with only 100 pages of written script.

i always write it in pencil and paper then type it up into the celtx software program that auto formats my script for me.

it’s TIME consuming picking each section and scene but it’s a challenge that I enjoyed for the past two years.

So far I’ve written 4 screenplays. I did 3 in one year just for the hell of it.

it’s screenplays about my novels that i’ve written.

You can read my novels (rough drafts ) for free on my daily author writing blog


just click on the black tabs at the top for each novel.

i started writing novels in 2008.

and have been doing so every year.

I always write a new story.

I haven’t uploaded anything since 2010.

I haven’t taken the time to edit it yet lol

As you know I did the IGC Entertainment Canada travel, blog in 2011 and I had lots of fun.

I was limited by lack of funds to go anywhere really special.

In the future I hope to do my video blogging, web tv show and eventually make some $$ for myself

so I can travel and blog about it… that’s my future goal.

in the meantime I’ll continue to learn a new “hobby” each year and enjoy myself learning about new things.

This year 2012 I’ve been working on an alien radio signal called “WOW”

I found some ancient mathematical equations in this signal and I’m video blogging about it this year on my web tv show

the idea girl says youtube channel.

check it out, sub me, i sub back

send all music submissions for the writers typing tunes playlists to http://www.youtube.com/ideagirlconsulting

i need tunes that are over 10 mins long in videos from all international musicians..

add me as a friend and I’ll blog your great tunes!






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