Magazine Gap – Silver Lining (Live at Montreux Jazz Festival), lyrics, karaoke, alternative, rock, music 2011

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Recorded live at the Montreux Jazz Festival
Montreux, Switzerland – 8 July, 2011
Directed & edited by Victor Planas-Bielsa

Lyrics by James Keen
Music by James Keen & Brian McCook

There’s a saying that goes you know you’re ‘better safe than sorry’
But I feel kinda proud of the scars earned on this journey
With the will to overcome the ghosts of a breakdown
And they say you can’t be king in your home town

And it’s day one and the chastened sun is shining
As I have found the cloud’s silver lining
Oh yes, I have found the cloud’s silver lining
I have found the cloud’s silver lining

With the light breaking through it’s beginning to feel alright
What a new day will bring, what new songs to sing tonight
These things have a way of working out somehow
They say move on in your own time, but I say how about now?


Up and disappeared but not gone to ground
If you ever need to see me I’ll be around
With the aches, the pains, the musings of a songwriter
Who will sign off now but maybe see you later


The brick wall, the waterfall, the impossible turn
The unexpected twist, the list of lessons we’ve yet to learn
Empty voices and background noises that act as a distraction
And the rules of fools and the schools of thought that will govern your reaction


Silver lining, silver lining
Ad Libs


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