Anti Violence Music – A Day In The Life V-Mix – Vthov aka Vinthoven Beatles Hip Hop Remix lyrics karaoke

Anti Violence Music – A Day In The Life V-Mix – Vthov aka Vinthoven Beatles Hip Hop Remix lyrics karaoke

the idea girl says

this video brought tears to my eyes.

great song to learn and share with all your school freinds

let’s make a difference kids.. we can do it.

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Chorus – John Lennon
I read the news today. Oh Boy… About a lucky man who made the grade.
And though the news was rather sad… Well I just had to laugh. I saw the Photograph.

Verse – Vthov
Every time I pick up the paper my heart bleeds cause dark things…
Ripping up through the layers like some shark teeth. My art speaks
To plant some grass roots through the sharp weeds and spark dreams.
But everybody wants to be part thug, part G, or Barbie and start beef…
When we should be closer then sardines. To me, yall lookin like like some ducks, Darkwing.
I’m hoping to make it clear for those starving.
It hardly makes a difference whether you livin up in the ghetto or them RVs.
That’s a euphemism for trailor. Refuse to give in to the haters.
On youtube getting the views but up in the booth you lacking the flavor.
The youth are making a wager. The truth is they need a savior.
After doing all we can do, all we need to do is give them our prayers.
And lead them by example with samples of our intelligence.
Invest in them ample time and they can even be president.
But bossman dangles the keys to the lambo and we say to hell with it,
gamble then dismantle their chances of being relevant.
But I’ma make a stand. I’m not well with it.
I told Lucifer, “My soul, I’m not selling it!”
What ever happened to excellence? Martin Luther and Malcolm X?
I’m pushing you out of the Falcon’s nest.
I think you can fly and the ground is the test.
Turn on your TV watch the news today. Well who’s to blame?
That I refuse to say. A few would claim that rappers are due to fame.
But they are just pawns used in a useless game.
Our kids are fragile, crystals in a huge display;
And shattering them is a game that I refuse to play.
So if this song gets no plays or views today,
At least I used my gifts to try to help them through the pain.
Use their brain to free themselves and do the same.
I knew that a lion can’t reign through the cage.
So here’s a toast to having greatness, tenacity, and patience.
Wisdom to remain gracious even if we make the A-list.
My budget may be make-shift but I’ll make it to your playlist.
I have to do it for the kids who didn’t make it…
To 2011 walking through clouds in the heavens.
Positivity getting me new clout with my brethren.
Truly I believe an idea is unstoppable so
When you speak truth stand up and make it audible.
If success, for you, seems very improbable…
A miracle is God’s chance to do the impossible.


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