Whos On Third 8594 – I’m Under You – New music pop rock writers typing tunes script frenzy

Whos On Third 8594 – I’m Under You –  New music pop rock writers typing tunes script frenzy

the idea girl says

just looked up the bands myspace page and sent them a message on there and add friend request.

Sometimes I send suggestions to different bands and I forget to tell them I don’t read the messages on myspace very often.

Best place to reach me or send me your demo’s or youtube videos in on youtube.


as a rule of thumb

all bands need 10 professional looking photos of the band on their profile or index page.

If I google a band name I take about 10 to 30 seconds to look for certain info.

where are you from.

what music do you play.

what style of music do you sound like (pick popular bands that sound like you, or vice versa)

band members full stage names.

first and last OR the name given on stage during a performance.

Name of the band (obvious)

your twitter and facebook page urls with the HTTP so I can click and post messages there and for fans to find you.

we live in a fast paced society and people are busy so we like to do things as quickly as possible.

you should also be blogging about your bands activites on a weekly basis

video blogging is great and actual blogs and tweets.

tweets are for your fans to follow and they will pass it on, same with facebook.

gigs, photo shoots, travel videos, music videos and stuff about the band should all be on the youtube channel.

you can make a video, post on youtube and blog it on a word press or blogger blog for free until you get your own domain name.

if you tour or want gigs you need your own website.

also if you have music for sale, make sure it’s on itunes, that way when your videos up the link to buy the song is embedded with the video and you can make easy money.

just some tips on what I see the successful bands doing on myspace and youtube.

I’ve been blogging now for almost 2 years and see hundreds of thousands of myspace pages and youtube pages.

I know who gets 60 million hits and why.

its all about having the right look and information on your sites and having a catchy tune that plays over and over again in people’s heads.

something they just gotta have. 😉

I forgot one more thing

if you want fans to come back for more add lyrics in the “info” section of all your music videos.. karoke fans are always looking for new things to sing.


If you add lyrics after i’ve posted a video of yours.. let me know which blog it’s on and the date when sending me the lyrics for posting. thanks.


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