BEFORE i SAY YES JANEY ELROD – country rock music lyrics karaoke

BEFORE i SAY YES JANEY ELROD – country rock music lyrics karaoke

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Vocal Janey Elrod, written by Janey Elrod and Robert Willis
Lyrics:Before I Say Yes

Holdin’ hands in the ticket line
You let me pick even though I did last time
Some sappy love story that’ll make me cry
One I couldn’t of drug you to before if I tried
And there’s something different, something deeper in your eyes
I may be a fool, if I’m guessing right

Before I say yes
Before I say go
Before I say anything but no
Before daddy gives me away and mama cries
Before you say a thing
Before I say I will
Before I go with daisies or daffodils
And the rules all change when we start our new life
Before the first and last time I wear that white dress
I wanna know me before I’m Mrs. Somebody else
Before I say yes

Since our first date on my porch swing
We’ve talked for hours bout our dreams, and you still say
We can do it all, have everything
If we have a little faith, ya just believe
But can’t you hear the baby crying, see the dishes in the sink
And those plans we made, well there’s bills to pay—don’t cha see what I mean

Maybe you just wanna ask if I want popcorn with my coke
And if that’s the case I’ll take a milkyway if you can take joke
But if I’m less than crazy bout what you’re thinking now
Please save that thought cause you know I’m not gunna turn you down


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