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the idea girl says

this guy has two youtube channels, he’s posting some of his older songs on this one with lyrics..

I tell everyone especially newbies… post original songs with lyrics so karaoke fans can come and sing and give you LOADS of views…


TaylorNapiontek | December 13, 2010 | 1 likes, 0 dislikes

So theres this girl, she turns my world,

Upisde down, has my head going, Round and round,

But now shes leaving my town,

Maybe I’ll stay, Maybe I’ll leave, baby please stay, baby don’t leave.

What can I do to make you say, I need you in every single way.

Lets rewind time now Back to the future, Im gonna lose her.

I’ll write a song, if you’ll sing along, as long as

Me and you will be together forever,

Like a feather on a bird, no that’s not absurd,

We’ll fly so high maybe to the sky high,

And fall down to the ground, just to turn around.

Baby I need you today, in everysingle way I need you today.

My love my love

Shes everything i want, i need, shes so amazing, shes so amazing My love is me , and is everything I see

Its all I need, Cause Girl u know, ur at my show

your on front row, Oh no

Oh jeez, AND this could be it

end any time like this, don’t throw a fit

Its all good, You think , you Think

But it is not understood

Don’t blink we’ll sink

Don’t panic, it’s not titanic go slow

But not fo sho but in the end we’ll KNOW

My Love My Love Is all the Above

Baby this might this might sound bad

Worry Not, it wont end sad

Cause girl I know you love me

U can push us to stay loving

To be something, No not nothing

We are so true, were so true

Were so true blue, Don’t play Blue clues

Yeah yeah yeah ur my love,

And im urs too, This life is ours it what we choose.

Yeah yeah yeah you’re my love, we have love flu

This life is ours its what we choose



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