Epyllion – Cutthroat Kid ( Epic Sledding ) 2011 New Album ‘Chance Encounters’ On itunes, Amazon

Epyllion – Cutthroat Kid ( Epic Sledding ) 2011 New Album ‘Chance Encounters’ On itunes, Amazon

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this is a wicked song for a kids – teen movie soundtrack..

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As always, don’t hesitate to e-mail us – epyllionband@hotmail.com – and we’ll write back as soon as we can! If you send us a message on youtube, it’ll most likely get lost, sorry.

This is the video we made for our song “Cutthroat Kid”, available on iTunes, amazon.com, etc. from the album ‘Chance Encounters’. The video concept is pretty straight forward. We wanted to go sledding at Green’s Creek (located just north of Blackburn Hamlet in Ontario, Canada). We didn’t have any toboggans or sleds, but likely at Eric’s mothers house, she still had a GT SnowRacer and a wooden toboggan from when Eric and Jay were kids. Ryan also was able to borrow a GT SnowRacer from his mom. When we got to the hill, we noticed there was an abandoned “Dora The Explorer” saucer, and we quickly grabbed it, and the fun began!

Luckily we brought a camera along, as it turned into more of an epic battle for hill supremacy, than just a regular day on the snow. We all took turns filming it, and a cardboard box helped us out as a mounted tripod as well. (the box also ended up making a cameo in the video!) All the live footage was taken from a show in Ottawa at the LiVE Lounge that we played w/ another Canadian rock band, Michou. Hope you enjoy the video, we had fun making it! 🙂




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