Live Alive Extra – How to Love Every Thing You Do So You Can Do What You LOVE – Amy Huentelman.

Live Alive Extra – How to Love Every Thing You Do So You Can Do What You LOVE – Amy Huentelman.



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As an artist you need to take some time everyday and do a quick 10 minute meditation.

First you want to clear the mind , second you want to receive your inner gut feelings about the projects you are working on.

Your inner guide will help you write new music, lyrics and give you fresh perspective on life.

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Healing Meditation, Healing Therapy, Inspirational Videos, Online Meditation, and Distance Healing with Amy Huentelman.
Also Quantum Hypnosis, Cellular Healing, and Age Clearing.

The purpose of Live Alive Healing™ is for you to Remember Who You Are! It’s a special kind of cellular healing designed to easefully, instantly and permanently Release and Transform stuck/frozen energy at the cellular level (root cause of any issue) and raise your personal vibration so high… that you are resonating with your Live Alive Frequency…. allowing your Soul’s Love Freedom & Expression to shine through you!

Live Alive™ Philosophy
Love & Freedom + Expression = Living Alive!
We all have the Power to Create an Amazing Life!
It’s not in some of us… it’s in All of Us*

You were born with unique and valuable gifts that you’re meant to use to be and do what you Love while always allowing your Self the Freedom to Express Who You Are* That’s Living Alive!



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